Beside the world competition becoming stronger and more concentrated, try to think how many real innovations in liquid egg processing you have been seeing around the world at the last poultry exhibitions...  Not much…but with AVITEC there is always some NEWS!

Avitec is an Italian manufacturer of egg processing lines since 1970, one of the first in the markets. 

Still nowadays Avitec is an INDEPENDENT producer of technology who is always looking to simplify the operations of egg processing with intelligent ideas at competitive costs.

Avitec is used to show innovative products at each different exhibition and also this year, at INDO LIVESTOCK in Jakarta, there will be two new simple but useful units displayed in operation.

In Asia, most of the farms and processors are still relying on manual breaking of eggs to produce liquid which is then used into recipes as ingredient for noodles, bums, cakes, dressings.
When breaking eggs by hand the operation of separation of yolk and albumen can reduce the productivity of labour because to perform a good separation of yolks without DAMAGING them, requires delicate touch and time.

Avitec is now introducing two new systems that are supposed to completely change the productivity in the egg breaking rooms, when yolks have to be separated. 

is a simple tray system which allows separation of the egg content only thanks to gravitational force! This means no electricity, no air, no mechanics in movement. Economical and absolutely trouble free.

For the bigger productions we introduce EASYEGG, a compact separating unit where special cups are moving in a loop, allowing very fast separation of yolks and albumen. The device is thought to be operated at least by two persons, to maximize the productivity. 

The use of mirror-look polished stainless steel makes these units extremely hygienic and easy to clean. 

Come and visit AVITEC BOOTH at INDO LIVESTOCK in JAKARTA from 27 to 29 JULY, at HALL B, booth BE14.