“Easyseal” is a very simple machine especially engineered to process the exclusive and unique Avitec SEALPACK egg packs in PET.


The cutting-edge technology used in Easyseal is best for its food-grade application. The PET plastic is simply melt by means of ultra-sonics waves, a 100% risk-free technology without any chemical, heat nor dangerous high-frequency waves. The seal is neat, clean and the material does not loose its elasticity and transparency.
SEALPACK pack lid cannot be closed in the packing lane of the egg grader. It is too light and without any hook point which keeps it closed. The pack is moved through a conveyor system to to Easyseal. The initial part of the Easyseal conveyor is equipped with a bent guide which gently bends the lid till it is completely laying over the bottom part of the pack. From this position the packs goes under a pressure wheel where the top lid and the bottom part borders are melt together. It is melting, not glueing, which means that the seal is the strongest possible and can never be opened unless peeling the strip with pre-perforated line.
Because of the packs enter along the lenght and the sealing is controlled by means of a beam sensor, there is nothing to adapt or change when changing the pack format. Either we are sealing 4-egg packs or 6 or 12 or 10 or 3x4, the machine will automatically adjust the height of the pusher for sealing. You can also mix the packs together in the same automatic line!

The machine will never stop, break nor require maintenance. It is based on a turning belt connected to a continuous-power motor which turns at constant speed and a horn which generates ultra-sonics when the pack is going through its turning pressure wheel.